About Asthma 

In most cases, asthma may onset especially due to allergies, weather change, emotional stress and so forth. There exist several million people across the globe that has been affected by the condition. There are several medications used to manage it and one of the commonest is the asthma inhaler. Corticosteroids and Bronchodilators are some of the two types of the asthma inhaler.

Type 1: Bronchodilators

It is a type of asthma inhaler which does have a meter for the dose. Bronchodilators asthma inhaler works by relaxing the muscles of the bronchial and by doing that, it opens back. They are normally used when fast action relief is needed. When you want to perform physical exercise and you have asthma, always remember to use it and also when done. It is also recommended to be used before sleeping and when you wake up. An example of bronchodilators asthma inhaler are pirbuterol and albuterol.

Type 2: Corticosteroids

This one works differently as it prevents the bronchial from constricting again. If you have a long term case of asthma, this one is for that condition. The dry powder that comes from a corticosteroid inhaler makes a patient to inhale it more rapidly. An example of corticosteroid asthma inhaler is Flovent.

How to Correctly Use an Inhaler

1. The inhaler must be shaken properly before use.

2. Never lie down when using it. You should stand up straight.

3. You are advised to exhale excess hair from the lungs and thereafter, inhale via your mouth with the medication.

4. You should only press the inhaler once to take a single dose.

5. When the lungs have enough hair, it is time to hold breathe for a while then lastly you exhale.


When you have trouble using the veramyst asthma inhaler it is a must that you consult your personal doctor. 





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